Established on June 21st 2019, the Australian Anarchy Server (AAS) is the oldest Minecraft anarchy server in Oceania. Due to a steady increase in player base, the server's admin, Axovur, has decided to run this server indefinitely.

June 2019

The very first player that joined AAS was Vash123. He however did not stay for a long time; his total play time is only [INFO] hours.

One player that did stay for a significant amount of time is Gungaman, and later he would create the first ever group on AAS, the IRA. Although not proven, the IRA was ironically named after the Irish Republican Army. More about the IRA can be found in the Groups section of the wiki.

A player that stayed much longer than Gungaman was Frozen (IGN: JFrozenFire), and kits of his can still be found scattered around spawn. In this period, the infamous chunk duplication exploit was just discovered and all player were busy duplicating their items. Players like _novid used this exploit to kickstart the progress of the positive z-axis nether highway.

July 2019

At this time, though, the server was very inactive. Most of the time the server did not have any players online at all. Because of the ruined terrain and lack of resources, it was hard to escape spawn. New players would often leave the server forever after failing to escape the spawn region.

Although new players were joining the server, the true feeling of anarchy was not present. For most players, AAS very similar to a regular SMP server. This however, changed when players by the name of _PapaWhale_ and _ChipButty_ severely griefed the server's spawn region. Ironically thanks to them, AAS began to rise in popularity.

Somewhere in July the player gnomehead joined the server, and has been active in the community ever since. gromehead was the first player to create a map-art. He is now a moderator on the Discord server.

Also somewhere in July, the server's admin added the namecolour plugin. This plugin rewarded the players by giving them coloured name if they had voted.

With the departure of Gungaman, the IRA was disbanded.

August 2019

On August the 4th, Axovur added the /suicide command. This command was aimed towards trapped players who previously had no way of escaping their trap.

Also in August, the notorious player RemainingToast joined the server. Along with Cobustulus_A they shadowed the spawn region with an enormous layer of obsidian at y-level 255. This was done after the pro-spawn group had constructed an obsidian sheet at y-level 63. This new layer would cause the light level near spawn to drastically decrease, making it more likely that hostile mobs will spawn. This would make it even harder for new players to escape the already tedious spawn region. Well, that was the plan. Unfortunately for them, they had built it too high, leaving the spawn rates unaffected.

On the 11th of August, a total of 700+ unique players have joined the server. Shortly after, a player by the name of _MAKAI joined the server, who is now known for consistently boosting the Discord server since October 30th.

September 2019

In spite of all these efforts, it still was not easy to escape the spawn region. It was at this time that Frozen decided to duplicate and distribute his "Frozen box", a box which would give new players enough gear and other goodies that they could easily escape spawn and settle somewhere.

_MAKAI took the game of map-arts to another level, by making his giant six piece map-art. [IMAGE]

The pro-spawn group was still putting in great efforts by blowing up many of the lava-casts around the spawn region. With the recent support the server has been getting, it eventually made its way into the top 10 true Minecraft anarchy servers, and the number 1 in Australia.

In this period, the server's admin, Axovur, released the first ever legendary item, an item which is unachievable in vanilla Minecraft. About this and other legendary items, see the Events section.

October 2019

In October a player called Marwff demolished most end portals, angering other players.

More importantly, MAKAI_ made it to the server's world border, being the first player on AAS to do so. Not long after that, KingKrimson123 made it all the way to the server's world corner, where he would build his famous obsidian outpost. Other players were amazed and decided to visit this millstone themselves. [IMAGE]

Another player, MinistryOfSound, had after a month of work finished their massive base.

November 2019

In November the server's player base had slightly decreased, mostly due to exams the players needed to take.

Despite this, PJ_AU and 8ATS casted their vast cobblestone wall which expanded out 200 blocks in each direction. RemainingToast liked this idea, and together they started the New Wall Order (NWO). The group's main project was to build a huge obsidian wall around spawn.

RemainingToast also developed a few useful plugins for the server, called "ToastFeatures". Alongside this, Axovur added a plugin to prevent speed-exploits.

December 2019

The development of the great wall continued in December, having done almost all of the excavating and about a quarter of the building by the end of the month. RemainingToast would invite people to NWO if they had done a significant amount of work to the wall. Because the exams were over, players had a lot of extra time.

After a long time, the second legendary item was found by KingKrimson123. More about this and other legendary items can be found in the Event section.

Later, the group Life Fluid Inc. was founded by The_Nev99, RemainingToast and Axovur. Although not proven, it is believed that the server's admin would occasionally spawn in items to the benefit of its members. This group attracted a lot of other players, and became the biggest group on the server.

RemainingToast also created the server's subreddit; r/aussieanarchy. Due to a conflict, the official subreddit is now r/mcaussieanarchy. More about this conflict will follow.

The server's admin also came to a consensus with the players about flight cheats. Because flying lags the server, it had to be patched. However, the players disliked not being able to have a reliable method to travel. Thus, End Bull was invented. Players would have to drink this to be able to fly, making it harder for everyone to fly, while still keeping the functionality to those who could craft the item.

January 2020

In january the NWO was disbanded by its leader, RemainingToast. Frankly, most of the members of the NWO would join The Effect Regime (TER), a new group RemainingToast had founded. TER's goal was still the same.

Another group was also founded, The Followers of Cactos. The leaders of the group, Cobrinion and Dorth_Ladder, argue it is a religion, rather than a group. The group tries to proselytize as many players as they can. Their Holy Book can be found here [BOOK NEEDED]. The followers are known to be averse to birch trees. Cobrinion is now a moderator on the Discord server.

Arguably the most noticeable event was the rise of the Vote or Die movement. As the name suggests, new players either vote, or die. This drastically boosted the server's popularity, tripling the server's monthly votes! The founders were RemainingToast and The_Nev99, but many players would adopt this regime.

Yet another group was also founded, the Order of the Ender Guardians (OEG). As their name suggests, they guarded the end dimension. The leader of the group, The_Nev99, later changed the group's name to The Order of the Ender Gardeners.

The third legendary item had also been released, the Agitarum. A total of 26 agitara had been scattered across a 27,000 meter radius from spawn. This was the first legendary item which actually had a use.

Note: on the first of January TheDingoGuy bought the server for 1500 AUD. Axovur knew TheDingoGuy in real life. The server is still run by Axovur, but TheDingoGuy gets the donations.

February 2020

The Vote or Die movement is still actively getting players to vote, and so the server continues to grow. At one point, one month of voting was almost equal to half the amount of votes the server had. This growth lead to many new players joining the server.

Most of the players were shocked when RemainingToast found out about a YouTube channel that made videos on AAS. The players would worship the creator as their king. BestResponse likes the idea, and writes multiple books about this new hero. Some of which can be found here [BOOK NEEDED].

Because the duplication glitch had been patched, Stealthy_K proceeded to sell his stashes for real money. He would be the first player on the server to establish these trades.

Furthermore, 8ATS travelled to the positive x-axis, negative z-axis world corner, which had never been done before. Together with Flipes, they created an obsidian pillar similar to KingKrimson123's structure.

March 2020

March the 3rd, the OEG had been disbanded by its leader. Just before their disbandment, they covered the end dimension's spawn region in chorus flowers, after which they destroyed it all.

By players' request, the server's admin changed End Bull. Its previously granted effect was found to be annoying, and had thus been replaced by another effect, Luck. On this topic, 8ATS began the trend of speedrunning the acquisition of End Bull, setting the bar at 9 minutes and 40 seconds.

A new group, the Gamer's Grove, lead by TheKylieKappa and MakBoss had also been emerged. They did not stay for long though.

In this month, the server had also reached 6000 unique players who have joined the server.

April 2020

On the 14th of April, the server's admin enabled an anti nether roof plugin, making it outright impossible to traverse on the nether roof. It seemed that most of the crashes were due to players exploiting the nether roof, and so it was nothing but a rational decision to prevent these exploits. Anyone who would try to exploit the nether roof would be BONED by the ZONE, as the server's admin liked to call it.

Team Cool, a group by chaos_ink, Flipes, 8ATS, ffruit and kylllll had also been initiated.

May 2020

On the 8th of May, the Followers of Cactos held a "Crusade" at the spawn region by dropping loads of sand at once, ultimately crashing the server multiple times.

The server's admin also wanted to test the new hardware. He launched a test server where players could complete challenges which were awarded by goodies on the main server. Old veteran _MAKAI completed most of these challenges, the rest were completed by CRTM. The remaining challenges were completed by Humanoid Typhoon and Mutt_Dog. More about these challenges and rewards in the Event section.

June 2020

On the fifth of June, the server's admin announces that over 10,000 unique players have joined the server.

Later, on the 18th of June the coordinates of the main base of LFI were leaked. RemainingToast had purposely leaked them - in opposite axis. Because these coordinates were quite close to the actual coordinates, the members of LFI decided to leak the coordinates themselves. Now left without a main base, they decided to make a new base, called LFI 2.

Because LFI had been around for such a long time, the server's admin decided to celebrate Aussie Anarchy's 1 year anniversary at LFI's main base. All players would grief the base together and take whatever they could. Sadly, someone had griefed LFI before others could, ruining the plan of the anniversary. The_Nev99 later stated that it was him who did it, because he thought RemainingToast did not deserve the satisfaction of griefing their base.

July 2020

On the second of July, RemainingToast was banned off the Discord server. The server's admin confirmed the ban was due to repeated advertisement of RemainingToast's own server, trying to steal AAS's popularity. Although this did not have any impact to the Minecraft server directly, it lead to other events that did impact the server.

On the 26th of July the server was DDoS'ed by a botnet with over 200,000 bots, sending a total of 200 GB/s of data to the server. Obviously, the server closed multiple times during the raid. The culprit was again RemainingToast. Because things did not go as planned, his own network ended up being booted offline. As revenge, someone leaked RemainingToast's face. By now, RemainingToast was commonly disliked by most of the community.

August 2020


_MAKAI's map-art
_MAKAI's map-art
KingKrimson123's pillar
KingKrimson123's pillar
The "Frozen box"
The "Frozen box"
Vote or Die movement
Vote or Die movement
Spawn region as of 24-7-2019
Spawn region as of 24-7-2019